Owning an original

There is nothing quite like owning an original piece of art. Not only is it an investment that will stay with you throughout life, it is a piece of creativity and artistry that cannot be replicated.

Visualise it

Buying original art online can feel like a bit of a risk - after all, the purpose of art is to connect with it in person. Because of this Esther offers a service of personally visiting your home so you can see the pieces before committing to buying. To see if this service applies to you in your location, please contact Esther directly.

You can request further images of the art from different angles to get a better idea of how it might look in your home. Esther can also do a mock up on photoshop of placing your art in situ if you supply her with an image of the space you would like the art work to hang.

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Testimonies...  "I bought ‘Twilight Song’ for my daughter... She already has Esther’s kingfisher prints on her wall and ‘Twilight Song’ is a perfect edition to her collection. The tree branch and bird are beautifully detailed providing a lovely contrast against the abstract background making this piece very striking."- Ben H.

" 'Under the Silk Sky' has transformed our lounge. We never tire of its peaceful composition yet fascinating attention to detail." - Kyle A.

© All images and text copyright 2020 Esther Brown