'Washi Bird' - Hummingbird

'Washi' literally means 'Japanese Paper' in Japanese. Each painting in this series is made by carefully collaging Japanese Chiyogami (千代紙) paper onto gold painted canvas or wood, sealing it with varnish and gesso, and then painting the bird on top with oils.


This piece features a Hummingbird.


*This piece is 20cm x 20 cm


'Washi Bird' - Hummingbird


    Testimonies...  "I bought ‘Twilight Song’ for my daughter... She already has Esther’s kingfisher prints on her wall and ‘Twilight Song’ is a perfect edition to her collection. The tree branch and bird are beautifully detailed providing a lovely contrast against the abstract background making this piece very striking."- Ben H.

    " 'Under the Silk Sky' has transformed our lounge. We never tire of its peaceful composition yet fascinating attention to detail." - Kyle A.

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