Testimonies...  "I bought ‘Twilight Song’ for my daughter... She already has Esther’s kingfisher prints on her wall and ‘Twilight Song’ is a perfect edition to her collection. The tree branch and bird are beautifully detailed providing a lovely contrast against the abstract background making this piece very striking."- Ben H.

" 'Under the Silk Sky' has transformed our lounge. We never tire of its peaceful composition yet fascinating attention to detail." - Kyle A.

© All images and text copyright 2019 Esther Brown


How it works

1.Get in touch

Send Esther an email explaining  that you have an idea for a commission. It can be something as loose as 'I want something with a bit of blue in it' or it can be more specific. Either way Esther will make sure she completely understands your budget and desires for the piece. If you live near by, Esther can personally visit your home to understand your colour scheme and measure where you want the art to hang.

2. Mock ups

Esther will then do a rough mock up design/sketch on photoshop of what the general feel of the piece will be, and you can then say if it is along the right lines.

Equally, many people choose to leave it to the artist's creativity and skill and prefer to be pleasantly surprised.

3. Pay Deposit

Once a design, theme or subject has been agreed on, and both parties are happy to proceed a deposit of 50%  will be paid to Esther.

4. Finished Product

This is the fun part!

When the painting is finished you will then pay the other 50% and postage (if applicable) and Esther will send the artwork to you. 

Prices 2020

Size (longest edge) 

20 cm - From* £250
40 cm - From* £600
50 cm - From* £800
60 cm - From* £1000
70 cm - From* £1,200
* Please note that final prices are calculated according to how long the piece will take to make. For example, a piece could be small, but more detail and complexity in it would mean it takes longer to paint and therefore the price would be higher.

If you have any questions or would like an initial quote as a guide, please contact Esther.